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Substructure MERBAU
Substructure MERBAU

Board: 40x70x4000 mm

Substructure MERBAU

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Substructure - what are the special features?

Substructure refers to the basic frame or support structure of a building or exterior construction project that is constructed of Siberian timber. This substructure serves as a foundation to which other elements such as cladding, flooring or roofing are attached.

Material selection

Siberian wood, especially Siberian larch, is often chosen for substructures because of its durability, strength and resistance to decay. Siberian larch is known for its natural preservatives, including resins and oils, which make it highly resistant to rot, decay and insect damage, even when exposed to moisture and harsh weather.


The use of Siberian wood for substructures ensures that the foundation of the construction project is robust and long-lasting. In particular, Siberian larch has a high density and structural integrity, making it able to withstand heavy loads and withstand the stresses of construction and use over time.


Substructures made of Siberian wood are compatible with a wide range of building materials and techniques. Whether used for frames, beams or other structural elements, Siberian timber can be easily incorporated into a variety of building systems and designs.

In general, the use of Siberian timber for substructures offers the advantages of durability, strength and durability, providing a solid foundation for construction projects while contributing to the aesthetic appeal of the final structure.