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Characteristics of Siberian larch

Značilnosti sibirskega macesna

The first choice for terraces and facades

The demand for Siberian larch is constantly increasing compared to European larch. The many advantages of this type of wood are also convincing for outdoor use. We recommend the choice of Siberian larch to everyone who is planning terraces or looking for formwork panels.

Floor coverings - hardness

Siberian larch stands out with its rustic appearance. Wood is particularly suitable for the rustic style of a country house, which can also be combined with a wooden terrace. Siberian larch is particularly heavy and hard, which is why it is classified in resistance classes 2 to 3. Due to the hardness of the wood, larch can be exposed to the weather for eight to twelve years without needing to be sealed. However, such a seal is still recommended. As is typical of softwood, Siberian larch can gradually split. This is especially unfavorable on the terrace, as there is a risk of getting a splinter in your foot when walking barefoot. This can be permanently avoided with a seal.

Great advantages of Siberian larch

Whether it's a terrace or a facade - whoever builds with Siberian larch wood can take advantage of the many advantages of this type of wood. One point is low price, the other is durability. Siberian larch is very resistant to weathering, thanks to the resins embedded in the wood. These ensure that the boards and floorboards are water-repellent and mold-resistant. They also have a uniform and homogeneous structure, which is particularly favorable for outdoor use or appearance.

Siberian larch also has high elasticity and load-bearing capacity, particularly attractive appearance and easy maintenance.

The annual rings of Siberian larch are very dense, which is reflected in their high strength.

Benefits of Siberian larch

– fine grain pattern

– the annual rings are dense, the wood is hard

– the quality of wood processing is very good

- the density of Siberian larch is higher than that of European larch

– wood has good static properties

- Siberian larch can be exposed to the weather for eight to twelve years - without maintenance

– the wood has an attractive appearance

Are there any downsides? Actually, no - with the exception of possible splitting after a few years, which can be fixed by painting.

by GIBON D.O.O. Gregor Rancnik – 23 April, 2024