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Larch wood is extraordinary suitable for outdoor use . The yellow-orange look will give the terrace the necessary aesthetic and natural look.


We distinguish between two types of larch: Siberian larch and French larch, found in the Alps. Depending on the geographical location, larch is a wood with good durability and resistance . Siberian larch is even more resistant, as it defies the cold and harsh climate. Larch is therefore an interesting alternative to pine.




Like all types of wood, larch naturally turns gray over time under the influence of UV light and weather conditions. The aging of the larch terrace is only an aesthetic change of the wood, its physical and mechanical properties are preserved . If we want to fight against the graying of the wood, it is essential to maintain the larch terrace with adequate protection.



There are no standard dimensions for the terrace, but they are recommended. The length of the boards is from 2 to 6 meters, and the width is from 8 to 14 centimeters. The thickness can vary greatly (from 12 to 48 mm). The thicker the board, the more often it will be possible to sand the floor in the future. For example, a 35 mm thick board can be sanded up to 15 times.



by GIBON D.O.O. Gregor Rancnik – 21 April, 2024